Jan Vandierendonck

2011 EC Getuige Fiction Executive Producer
2011 EC Eileen Fiction Executive Producer
2009 EC Rayos Fiction Actor
2008 DU Not Quite the Taliban Documentary Producer
2007 EC Cuba, El Valor De Una Utopía Documentary Producer
2004 FR L'étranger Documentary Co-Director
2002 FR La Raison Du Plus Fort Documentary Co-Producer
2001 BE Hollywood Aan De Schelde Doc - Series (14x20') Co-Director
1995 EC Hijos De La Panamericana Documentary Director/Producer
1995 EC Peso Justo Documentary Director/Producer
1995 EC The Chocolate Tree; Documentary Director/Producer
1994 EC Flows Of Power Documentary Director/Producer
1994 EC My Life For A Shrimp Documentary Director/Producer
1993 BE Kameleon Fiction Writer/Producer
Professional career
2010-… Director of Andén Latino, Latin American Audio-visual market (EC)
2010-… Instructor Doc Andino, script workshop for documentaries, Quito (EC)
2010-… Instructor Doc BsAs, script workshop for documentaries, Buenos Aires (AR)
2010 Instructor script doctoring, Lima (PE)
2010 Counsellor of the Dutch government on film matters (NL)
2009-… Instructor in INCINE, film academy, Quito (EC)
2009 Member of the Selection Committee for projects CNCine, Quito (EC)
2009 Member of the Jury of Film Festival Cero Latidud, Quito, EC
2008-2010 Advisor CNCine, National Film fund, Ministry of Culture, Quito (EC)
2008-2010 Moderator Producer's Network, Cannes Film Festival (FR)
2008-2010 Member of the Advisory Board of Rotterdam Film Fund (NL)
2008 Member of the Jury of the Dutch National Film Festival, Utrecht (NL)
2006-2008 Director of Eurimages, Film fund of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (FR)
2006-2008 Guest-lecturer at the Schumann University Strasbourg, FR
2006-2008 Tutor for European/Mediterranean Films crossing Boarders
2006 Member of the Jury of the Jakarta International Film Festival (ID)
2005-2006 Member of the Advisory Board for the Audio visual arts, Brussels (BE)
2005 Member of the Jury in San Sebastian Film Festival (ES)
2004-2006 Flemish representative in Cine-regio (Regional Film Funds) (EU)
2004-2006 Guest-Lecturer, Management School of the University of Antwerp (BE)
2004-2005 Vice-president of Eurimages of the Council of Europe (FR)
2003-2005 Board member of North by Northwest (of the Media program of the EU) (DK)
2002-2008 Board member of the European Film Agencies Group (EFAD) (EU)
2002-2005 Board member of Eurimages of the Council of Europe (FR)
2002-2005 Head of International Relations & European Affairs, Flemish audio visual Fund (BE)
2002-2003 President of the Belgian Directors Guild (BE)
2002 Royal Belgian Cinematheque : Organiser of the Film Festival L’Age d’Or (BE)
1998-2002 Co-Director of the Brussel’s European Film Festival (BE)
1998-… CEO of EPEIOS Productions, film production company
1996-2000 Spokesman for the Belgian film festivals at the European film festival co ordination (BE)
1995-1996 Board member of the Flemish film institute (BE)
1994-1998 Director of the European Youth Film Festival of Antwerp (BE)
1992-1997 Organizer of several symposia and seminars regarding film and culture in collaboration with institutions such as ECFA, MIFED, MBS, Nordisk Film & TV fund, Antwerpen ’93 (EU)
1992-1995 Founder and president of INTI-FILMS, film production company, Leuven (BE)
1987-1994 Editor in chief of GENERIEK, film magazine
1987-1994 Commercial VP at JEKINO-Films, film distributor, Brussels (BE)
1986 Editor in chief of TENDANCES, Walloon cultural magazine